Tour of Florence

Welcome to Florence Goldschmidters! This is my first visit to this beautiful city and as Simon has been at a workshop on the chemical interactions in geothermal fluids, I’ve been exploring and enjoying the sights. I was joined by some friends from Leeds as we ventured past grand building after grand building trying to get as much in as possible before Goldschmidt starts properly tomorrow evening.


As there is so much to see in Florence, almost too much, I’d gathered a few of tips off friends who had been before. First on my list was a visit to Mike’s Place, or Piazzale Michelangelo (doff of the hat to Lauren). From this point there is an incredible view across Florence that helps you to take in most of the key buildings and familiarise yourself with the layout of the city. I can’t recommend this view enough. There’s even a replica statue of Dave, if you don’t manage to see the real thing!


Like a tourist with attractions in Florence, I’m always overwhelmed at the number of sessions at Goldschmidt, let alone the many excellent presentations I’ll see (and even more I won’t). In the days before the presentations start I’ve been spending time looking through the programme working out which sessions I’ll be heading to when there is so much brilliant geochemistry on display.


I hope each day to provide an ‘Andy’s tips for tomorrow’, highlighting some exciting sessions and presentations. Here’s Andy’s tip for Sunday:


If you find yourself overwhelmed by the tourist spots and the extent of the conference schedule, take a trip up to Mike’s place with your programme. Give your head a chance to breathe in the breeze before everything kicks off. Oh, and head to the ice breaker and say hello!