Today’s Plenary. Coral Reefs in Trouble and Women’s Advance

Today’s plenary session was introduced by Eric Oelkers, Convenor of the 25th Goldschmidt Conference, Liane G. Benning, President of the EAG, and Hubert L. Barnes, fellow of the Geochemical Society.


It was then followed by a very powerful talk by marine ecologist Peter Sale on Oceans in the Anthropocene and the “End of the High Seas”.


Prof. Peter Sale is a marine ecologist with over 40 years experience in tropical coastal ecosystems, particularly coral reefs. His work has focused primarily on reef fish ecology, most recently on aspects of juvenile ecology, recruitment, and connectivity. He has done research in Hawaii, Australia, the Caribbean, and the Middle East, and visited reefs in many places in between. He has successfully used his fundamental science research to develop and guide projects in international development and sustainable coastal marine management in the Caribbean and the Indo-Pacific.


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