Thank you and Goodbye – Goldschmidt 2013

I’m sure all of the 4000+ delegates would agree that this has been a brilliant edition of Goldschmidt. For me, the science was engaging and the conversations were inspiring. It was both of these, together with the opportunity to hang out with old friends and new, that made #Goldschmidt2013 and incredible meeting. I don’t want to say “best meeting EVER”, but then, I also kind of do…


I also think one of the best things about this meeting was how it has helped to elevate the subject of geochemistry into the international media. Yes, there was the big Mars life story, but also a multitude of other press releases coming out of Goldschmidt2013. There are obvious benefits to this increased awareness of the breadth of geochemical research and it’s great that this meeting can and has been part of that.


It’s also hard not to acknowledge the city for enabling a stellar conference. Florence was a beautiful city to host this Goldschmidt, the attractions and cuisine certainly helped to rejuvenate me mid conference, and I’m not the only one.


What more is there to say? I have enjoyed blogging and tweeting through this year’s meeting. I hope that what we as a team of bloggers have contributed has aided your week in Florence. Keep an eye out in about a week’s time when we’ll publish a Goldschmidt2013 round-up post. But in the meantime, on behalf of all Betsy, Emma, Matt, Simon and I, thank you for joining us in this conference by following our posts, see you Sacramento for #Goldschmidt2014!