Representative Sample

Yesterday was a great start to the meeting. Oodles of excellent talks and posters. A personal highlight was a presentation in theme 5 yesterday emphasised the difference between a “representative sample” and a sample population size which is representative. The discussion that followed, both in the questions and around posters, was focussed on the significance of micro- and nano-structure and processes, and localised chemistry, on larger scale processes. Again, we’re back to the question of how to translate our observations across scales. Hopefully this is something we’ll start to talk in today’s Terrace 1 talks.


On to today! There are a number of things happening, see below. Don’t forget about Andy’s Pick of the Day at the bottom.


There is one medal citation:


Today’s Plenary will be given by Janne Blichert-Toft on Neo-Plumbotectonics. Come along!


There are also several 25th Anniversary talks happening today:


Don’t forget the EAG Cocktail Party and AGM from 18:30 in Zoom Restaurant


From Cohen Geochemistry and the Earth Surface Science Institute at the university of Leeds we have the following presentations:


Andy’s Pick of the Day is a session which starts today, spanning 2 days, and is probably the most anticipated event at this year’s meeting (apart from my presentation on Wednesday at 15:30 in Terrace 1) – Session 5A The Global Weathering Thermostat: A Tribute to Bob Berner’s Legacy. This session will display the reach and impact of Bob Berner’s work with a huge number of quality presentations. 15:30 in Terrace 1.