Monday Machination

Good Morning Goldschmidters,


I trust you all enjoyed the Ice Breaker last night. Sadly, I was too late into Prague to make it. You can read about how Nicci found her first Goldschmidt Ice Breaker here.


It seems everything is all set to go at the start of this year’s science programme. Highlights today include 3 medal citations:


Also, don’t forget today’s Plenary Lecture, Peter Sale – Oceans in the Anthropocene: End of the High Seas; Need for Repair and Reasoned Management.


From Cohen Geochemistry and the Earth Surface Science Institute at the university of Leeds we have the following presentations:

And finally…


Andy’s Pick of the Day

16:30 Rachel Thorley, 5e


I saw Rachel present at Goldschmidt in Sacramento and I found her work fascinating. Today she is presenting the next stage of her PhD research on “The Role of Forest Trees and their Mycorrhizal Fungi in Carbonate Weathering and Phosphorus Biogeochemical Cycling”.

Have a great day!