… and lift-off !!!

Welcome to the European Association of Geochemistry blog.


During the last months the EAG has been working on the creation of this blog with the purpose of sharing our impressions and perspectives with other people within the geochemical community. Now, it is time for lift-off!


We would like this blog to become a new platform available for anybody who likes reading and telling stories from a personal and geochemical viewpoint. If you like writing – or if just you would like to try it for the first time – this is the place for you.


We are very happy to see that since the conception of this project we had the support of many people working in this field of science. We would like to acknowledge all of them for making this possible. A group of enthusiastic volunteers agreed to write for the EAG blog and some of them have already decided to become permanent bloggers! A big “THANK YOU” to Clare Desplats, Stephanie Lutz, Chris Pearce and Andrew Rushby, our first blogonauts who have given tons of enthusiasm and support. We have also new blogonauts coming on, ready to start their first missions, and you will see their posts in the next days and weeks. Stay tuned.


This blog has taken off due to the efforts of Juan Diego Rodriguez Blanco, University of Leeds, who agreed to be the administrator of this blog. Marie-Aude Hulshoff, EAG Business Office Manager, and Andrew Varley, IT Manager at Cambridge Publications, both worked on the design of the website and on solving the little problems which needed to be fixed before the launch. We also would like to acknowledge all the suggestions, ideas and comments provided by Liane G. Benning. Her help has also been determinant in making this possible.

Would you like to become a blogonaut?

We happily accept single contributions or permanent bloggers. Any geochemistry topic will be interesting for us. Just let us know. We have the spaceship, you will be the blogonaut, and we would love for you to take us along to explore new worlds.