A Doodle A Day. A Rock Star

Bernard Marty is a Professor of Geochemistry at CRPG-CNRS, Institut National Polytechnique de Lorraine and Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Géologie, Nancy, France. His research interests include the origin of isotopic variations in the Solar System, the geochemistry of volatile elements (C, N, water, noble gases), the Early Earth geodynamics and environments, mantle geodynamics -ridges, mantle plumes, volcanic provinces- as well as fluid circulations in the crust. Bernard will be giving a keynote on the Origin of Terrestrial Volatiles and the Potential Contribution of Comets in Session 21d: Volatile Cycles and Volatile-Rich Magmas in the Deep Earth  (in Club E on Friday, 08:45 – 09:15).


You might come across Bernard these days and wonder why he has got a black eye. It is not due to domestic violence, neither is it the result of a failed geochemical experiment. Nor did it happen during a rowdy concert of his rock band Double Scotch…  It happened apparently while repairing a wooden table, so he says.


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