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DIY for the field

Apr 14, 2020 No Comments by 845 views

Last month in ‘Lab Corner’, we featured some tips and tricks for repurposing everyday items for the lab and field. In this next contribution, geomicrobiologists from the University of Oklahoma put together an ingenious gadget for homogenizing biological samples, and a glaciologist from Cardiff University repurposes a climbing frame for fieldwork in Greenland. The field […]

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Repurposing everyday items for geochemistry

Mar 10, 2020 No Comments by 1239 views

For the EAG Blogosphere’s new “Lab Corner”, the EAG want to know: What everyday item or household tool have you repurposed for science?  Read our first contributions below, and if you have any tips or tricks of your own that you’d like to share with the community, send them to us at the EAG Office!   […]

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