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Restructuring the tenure process; reproducibility in science; and tackling climate change by example: An interview with Dr. Katharina Marquardt

Aug 29, 2019 No Comments by 2016 views

Dr. Katharina Marquardt is the 2018 recipient of the EMU Research Excellence Medal, presented at Goldschmidt 2019 in Barcelona. This medal is presented to young scientists who have made significant contributions to research in mineralogy and whose professional and societal activities contribute to strengthening scientific links in Europe. Dr. Katharina Marquardt is a Lecturer in […]

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Bethany Ehlmann: Taking Opportunity to the next Level

Aug 23, 2019 No Comments by 3499 views

Bethany Ehlmann is a professor in planetary science at the California Institute of Science (Caltech) and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL). She gave a plenary talk on Monday about, “Mars: Geochemical Cycling on a Once Habitable World.” The summary of the plenary talk, written by Dr. Eleanor Berryman, can be found here. I had an […]

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Roberta Rudnick: Evolution of the continental crust as sampled by wind and ice

Aug 23, 2019 No Comments by 1131 views

An ongoing problem for geologists is that we are very small and our planet is very large.  This means that we are all busily looking at little pieces of a much larger picture, and try as we might, some of the pieces have been lost or have proved to be very difficult to find. In […]

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Thursday: Photos

Aug 23, 2019 No Comments by 773 views

Blogging from the Exhibition Hall gets weirder by the day. You find yourself inventing bizarre ideas for posts because your observations are limited to a finite space.* And with each post comes an increasing amount of worry that someone from the Goldschmidt Planning Committee will finally take notice and say, “Hmm, who gave this guy […]

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Sing your Heart out at the Pop-up Talk

Aug 22, 2019 No Comments by 865 views

Sometimes, you need to loosen up after spending all day at the Goldschmidt conference. Professor Geoff Gilleaudeau from George Mason University did just that at the Pop-up talk on Wednesday, by taking the famous song from The Beatles’, “Let it be,” and making his own cover song called, “Geochemistry Song.” Geoff Gilleaudeau presents, “Geochemistry Song”: [Verse […]

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Observations and Hypotheses

Aug 22, 2019 No Comments by 1137 views

Staffing a booth at Goldschmidt 2019 has afforded an unexpected opportunity to observe the conference in a new light. The first, and perhaps most striking, observation is the vast difference in population size of the exhibit/poster hall as a function of time: We see distinct peaks in hall occupancy corresponding to energy availability. Acceptable forms […]

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Wednesday: Goldschmidt Survival Essentials II

Aug 22, 2019 No Comments 610 views

We asked Goldschmidt attendee Jill McDermott (Lehigh University, USA) about how she survives an intense week-long, science conference. Not surprisingly, her gear is similar to Donato’s. And here’s a photo of Dr. McDermott the moment she realizes that she might’ve made a huge mistake volunteering for this.

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SO amazing: The new cutting-edge method for measuring clumping in sulphate

Aug 22, 2019 No Comments 4029 views

Interview with professor Yuichiro Ueno Goldschmidt conference is a fantastic place to meet new scientists and colleagues in your field. Here, I had an opportunity to talk to professor Yuichiro Ueno, who recently gave a talk on “A New Method for Measuring 34S-18O Clumping of Sulfate.” Yuichiro Ueno is a professor in biogeochemistry at the Earth-Life Science […]

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Tuesday: Goldschmidt Survival Essentials

Aug 21, 2019 1 Comment 12542 views

We asked Goldschmidt attendee Donato Giovannelli (University of Naples, Italy) about how he survives an intense week-long, science conference. Here is his survival gear.

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The Goldschmidt Volunteers

Aug 20, 2019 No Comments 2935 views

  The Goldschmidt volunteers are the first line of defence for any issues which may arise during the conference. From organizing registration to tech support, there are many different tasks involved in being a volunteer.  As a veteran of six years who enjoyed the experience, I would like to share some of the perks and […]

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