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2017 EAG Distinguished Lecture Program: Lenny Winkel’s tour of Central and Eastern Europe

Apr 23, 2018 No Comments by 2525 views

I was honored to hear that I had been selected as the 2017 EAG Distinguished Lecturer. As I love both research and teaching I was thrilled about the opportunity to talk about emerging research areas in geochemistry to students and scientists at research institutions in Eastern and Central Europe. My research focuses on global biogeochemical […]

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Lives of the great geochemists: Fritz Houtermans

Apr 17, 2018 No Comments by 3186 views

The EAG Houtermans Award for young scientists is named after him, but how many of us geochemists really know who Friedrich Georg Houtermans was and how adventurous his life was? Houtermans undertook a PhD in nuclear physics in Göttingen with James Franck in 1927, but only in 1952, when he arrived in Bern to become […]

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