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How exploring Mars could help us fight climate change on Earth

Apr 29, 2016 No Comments by 3305 views

The surface of Mars is a cold desert. Scars in the landscape point to a history of flowing rivers, standing lakes and possibly even planetary oceans. Yet the current Martian atmosphere has a density that’s around 0.6% of Earth’s, making it far too thin to support liquid water – or life – on the barren […]

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Learning about cable bacteria

Apr 01, 2016 No Comments by 4924 views

This year, the third “International Workshop on Microbial long-distance Electron Transfer by Cable Bacteria” was organized in Munich (Germany), after previous editions in Aarhus (Denmark) and Antwerp (Belgium). This three-day workshop tries to group all scientists who are involved in cable bacteria research. This little organism is still enigmatic, and is being studied from all […]

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