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What do Roman plumbing and Gondwana crust have in common?!

Aug 19, 2015 No Comments 2380 views

Janne Blichert-Toft’s plenary talk Tuesday lunchtime gave us an overview of what could be achieved with Pb isotopes with what she termed “Neo -plumbotectonics”. In her 45 minute talk she took us from Gondwana lower crust to Roman plumbing. Janne and her team have created a Pb isotope database for Europe which led to the […]

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Martian meteorites old and new

Aug 19, 2015 No Comments 3146 views

Tuesday afternoon saw the Mars community come together for some reminiscing and new findings! The keynote talk by Allan Treiman was a fantastic “greyhead review” of past and more recent advancements in Martian geochemistry research, especially for those needing a refresher in Martian meteorite history and mission chronology! For instance I was surprised to learn […]

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The Global Weathering Thermostat

Aug 19, 2015 No Comments 2767 views

Yesterday in Terrace 1 was an absolute delight. I sat there for most of the day listening to some fantastic biogeochemistry. From weathering of rock to soil and sediment, to the profound influence of one man on global biogeochemistry.

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Today’s Plenary. Neo-Plumbotectonics

Aug 19, 2015 No Comments 1987 views

Janne Blichert-Toft is Directeur de Recherche with the CNRS appointed at the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon (ENSL), since 1997. She is a geochemist specializing in radiogenic isotopes with applications to geochronology, terrestrial and planetary mantle-crust evolution and mantle dynamics, early Earth geodynamics, planetology, cosmochemistry, meteoritics, and archeometry. This piece of artwork and many more […]

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A Doodle A Day. A Rock Star

Aug 18, 2015 No Comments 2540 views

Bernard Marty is a Professor of Geochemistry at CRPG-CNRS, Institut National Polytechnique de Lorraine and Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Géologie, Nancy, France. His research interests include the origin of isotopic variations in the Solar System, the geochemistry of volatile elements (C, N, water, noble gases), the Early Earth geodynamics and environments, mantle geodynamics -ridges, mantle […]

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Xenoliths, meteorites, and Mercury

Aug 18, 2015 No Comments 1759 views

The reputation of Goldschmidt is certainly well deserved, it is indeed huge, certainly the largest conference I’ve attended – four floors of the conference centre filled door to door with geochemists of all flavours! Sticking to my interest in volatiles in magmatic systems, Monday started with a trip into the mantle in session 14b. Ann […]

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It came from the land

Aug 18, 2015 No Comments 1793 views

Morning folks, I have just spent the first half of my morning avoiding the rain in session 22c travelling back in time to the Precambrian. This is a pretty weird time period for me, being so drastically different to modern-day Earth, but the questions asked about it are so big and far-reaching, I can’t help […]

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The critical condition of coral: awareness, and obligation of the scientific community

Aug 18, 2015 No Comments 1887 views

To say the conference has been animated over the past 27 hours would be a gross understatement. Acquisitive brains flit purposefully between the nerve centers of the hive, stopping only during brief but necessary trips via the coffee bars en route. Nearing midday yesterday we were invited to the grand auditorium at the heart of […]

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Representative Sample

Aug 18, 2015 No Comments 1961 views

Yesterday was a great start to the meeting. Oodles of excellent talks and posters. A personal highlight was a presentation in theme 5 yesterday emphasised the difference between a “representative sample” and a sample population size which is representative. The discussion that followed, both in the questions and around posters, was focussed on the significance of micro- […]

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Today’s Plenary. Coral Reefs in Trouble and Women’s Advance

Aug 17, 2015 No Comments 2031 views

Today’s plenary session was introduced by Eric Oelkers, Convenor of the 25th Goldschmidt Conference, Liane G. Benning, President of the EAG, and Hubert L. Barnes, fellow of the Geochemical Society. It was then followed by a very powerful talk by marine ecologist Peter Sale on Oceans in the Anthropocene and the “End of the High […]

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