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Dirty snowballs and our origins

Dec 12, 2014 2 Comments by 4611 views

Have you ever imagined how a person with long hair would look floating in the outer space? Ancient Greeks did. When they perceived comets in the sky they imagined them as a face with long hair floating in space. In fact, the word “comet” in Greek means “wearing long hair” or “long-haired star.” Today we […]

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The geochemistry of glass

Dec 05, 2014 No Comments by 3509 views

Thanks to EAG Sponsorship, I attended last October the Plenary Days of USTV and GDR Verres (two associations for Research and Technology of Glass) in Baccarat (in the East of France). This meeting brought together private companies and universities to share new results and methods about structure and geochemistry of glass. It was a good […]

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