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The Atmospheric Mirror

Jul 15, 2013 No Comments by 10559 views

When viewed from space, the Earth glows like a blue marble under the light of the distant Sun. Azure oceans lap against the jagged coastlines and pale clouds swirl gracefully across its face, temporarily obscuring from view the brown-green landmasses beneath. From this vantage point, there is little to suggest that intelligent bipedal apes are scuttling around the […]

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Why did we do it?! Our look into the writing of a Geochemical Perspectives article

Jul 15, 2013 No Comments by 2848 views

How did it all start? When I (Fred) was first contacted to write an article for Geochemical Perspectives […] I was somewhat uncertain as to the expectations of such an article. I had just retired…

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From water to wine

Jul 04, 2013 No Comments by 2904 views

For most of us, our science is a passion, and we work nearly non-stop. A recent study of worldwide downloads from scientific journals reveals our habits: scientists are hard at work not only during the day, but also at night and on weekends. [1] So how do we balance our relentless devotion to our professional […]

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