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How to Build a Volcano

Mar 25, 2013 No Comments by 3194 views

The other week, the School of Environmental Sciences (ENV) at the University of East Anglia was filming promotional videos to entice new undergraduates to join the department next year; this was mostly interviews with current students and filming lectures but they needed something a bit more exciting. This was provided by one of Jon Stone’s […]

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Antarctic Scientists Discover 18kg Meteorite

Mar 18, 2013 No Comments by 3915 views

An international team of scientists, working at Princess Elisabeth Antarctica research station, has discovered a meteorite with a mass of 18kg embedded in the East Antarctic ice sheet.

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A Geochemistry Ditty

Mar 11, 2013 3 Comments by 5102 views

  As I sit here watching my columns drip, I thought I’d put together a little writ. It’s about something that’s not always so plain to see; the hidden world of isotope geochemistry.     It starts with a rock, water or gas that contains an element of interest with a particular mass. You crush, […]

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