Why become an EAG member?

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As a new year is just around the corner, it is a good time to join the European Association of Geochemistry or renew your membership. Membership is calendar year, and with a Geochemical Perspectives Letters print issue coming out in January and Elements in February, joining/renewing before end of 2016 ensures you receive all 2017 print publications. Also, as EAG develops new initiatives and partnerships with other societies, the list of member benefits expands and now includes:

Benefits expand but membership fees are still unchanged:
Students  €15 / year or €35 / 3 years
Professionals €25 / year or €100 / 5 years

The benefits are varied therefore everyone has different reasons for joining our society and/or supporting its initiatives. So we asked some of our new and long-time members why they decided to become EAG members.

m_varas_130I’m an EAG member because it has a lot of advantages, especially for PhD students like me. For instance, we gain access to high-quality scientific publications not only online but also in physical format, which I really love. Also, it offers multiple fellowships and grants to attend conferences, short courses, etc. And on top of it, the membership is completely affordable.

Maria Isabel Varas-Reus, PhD student
University of Granada, Spain


EAG provides me with outstanding open-access publications and is a no-nonsense low overhead organisation truly serving the geochemical community.

Jack Middelburg, Professor
Utrecht University, Netherlands


EAG helps me to get the latest news in the geochemistry world as well as funding for participating in related conferences.

Reza Gooya, PhD student
University of Copenhagen, Denmark


The EAG is a society that feels very personal to me and I always enjoy meeting other members at Goldschmidt. It is a very active society, which has interesting articles about all aspects of biogeochemistry.

Marie Muehe, Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Stanford University, USA

arndt_130I am an EAG member because of the important work the assocation does to support geochemistry in Europe and throughout the world. I particularly appreciate the steps taken to promote the discipline at the EGU General Assembly, the Goldschmidt Conference and at other meetings, and its publication of influential open-access journals like Geochemical Perspectives, Geochemical Perspective Letters and Elements.

Nicholas Arndt, Professor
ISTerre, France


I am an EAG member to widen and engage with the number of peers in my field. The EAG is akin to a social media platform for scientists, while the development of not-for-profit, peer reviewed journals is an innovative step to solving the current issues with the publication of scientific work.

Morgan Jones, Researcher
University of Oslo, Norway

v_debaille_130As many people, I first became a member through registration at Goldschmidt, but then renewed my membership as I appreciated the benefits such as Elements and more recently Geochemical Perspectives and Geochemical Perspectives Letters. Now being an EAG councillor, I am proud that EAG promotes open-access high-quality journals and helps students to attend conferences.

Vinciane Debaille, Researcher
University of Brussels, Belgium

m_anenburg_130I’m an EAG member because the student fees are really low, and it gives you access to benefits such as the lower registration fees and the sponsorship programs. Although we have institutional subscription to Geochemical Perspectives, Geochemical Perspectives Letters and Elements, it’s always nice to have them in print as well.

Michael Anenburg, PhD Student
Australian National University, Australia


I am a member because EAG is an association of high academic value, with respect to the conferences and publications.

Rosa Maria Prol-Ledesma, Professor
Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico

I am an EAG member because it allows me to network with other geochemists around the world and to support essential activities like meetings and publication with my voice being heard.

Francis Albarède, Professor
ENS Lyon, France

I greatly enjoy the EAG membership because I get regular updates on new discoveries in the world of geochemistry, about upcoming meetings and current job opportunities as well as access to fantastic blogs about geochemistry research life. Aside from that, I get a free copy of Elements and Geochemical Perspectives delivered to my doorstep which make for excellent reading on a wide variety of geochemistry topics. Last but not least, for the little membership fee, I get a substantial reduction in registration fee for the yearly Goldschmidt Conference, which is just a fantastic conference.

Dominique Tobler, Associate Professor
University of Copenhagen, Denmark


I need to be exposed to the new updates of the Science and get inspired from experts.That is the main reason for being an EAG member.

Sudeera Wicramarathne, PhD student
University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka


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