EAG Early Career Science Ambassador in 250th ACS in Boston

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The public garden.

I just say thanks to the EAG Early Career Science Ambassador program for giving me the opportunity to attend the ACS (American Chemical Society) Boston for the 250th ACS National Meeting & Exposition (16-20 August 2015). I had the pleasure and honor to present an oral work in a special symposium about Emerging Electrochemical Water Remediation Technologies.

This event is very big; all the chemistry areas are present in this meeting from food to environmental, basic research to applied research, etc. Thousands of scientists arrived to Boston and they crowded the city. The schedule was full of diverse activities from 8 am to 9 pm and conference took place in 5 locations besides the main Convention center. All the locations were near Boston Downtown, which is an incredible place; it is well organized, full of history and green areas. We had the pleasure to enjoy the Boston Common Park during lunch breaks.


The Exhibition and Career Fair

Of particular interest was the session of “Emerging Electrochemical Water Remediation Technologies” oral & poster session, were a few selected works were presented and I had the luck of present my work “electroactive membranes based on carbon nanotubes and iron zerovalent nanoparticles and the application of these new technologies in water treatment”. This session in particular was great because I could show my research topic and discuss about it with important people in this field. In addition, I could participate in several scientific discussions about the potential and future of this research area and how the electrochemistry is becoming an important technique in the environmental/water area. My work in particular brings a lot of interest because it is new way to use electroactive membranes based on nanomaterials and its use in water remediation. I also attended a number of oral presentations of a variety of topics; I could hear about innovations in renewable energy, catalysis, nanomaterials, food industry, water treatment, electrochemistry and geochemistry. The interdisciplinary character of this event was very attractive and particularly to open new perspectives in my work as well to create opportunities to collaboration with other researchers and/or research groups.



The Exhibition and Attendance certificate.

About the author:

Jorge Yanez is a Senior scientist at University of Tübingen (Environmental Analytical Chemistry  group). He investigates the development of electrochemical membranes based on nanomaterials for advance oxidative water treatmen. These membranes are based on carbon nanotubes and iron zerovalent nanoparticles. His research focuses on the oxidative degradation of emerging water polutans (pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, etc) and the evaluation of the products that are formed after oxidative degradation of these polutans (metabolites or transformation products).

He arrived in Germany after completing her PhD at University of Buenos Aires, where he worked on the development and design of sensors based on conductive polymers and their aplicabilities on enviromental and biological areas.


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