Doodle of the Day. Health Announcement by Harald Strauss

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Harald Strauss is Full Professor in Historical and Regional Geology at the Institut für Geologie und Paläontologie, Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster, Germany.  His main research interests center around the biogeochemical aspects of earth´s evolution. Thereby, the isotopic compositions of carbon and sulfur in sediments, biominerals and organic matter are utilized as proxy signals for geologically and/or biologically driven processes. He is also really tall and does the splits at Poster Sessions.

He is one of the Convenors of Session 08c: Environmental Proxies in Marine Carbonates: From Culturing Experiments to Archives and Diagenetic Alteration. He is also giving a talk on Thursday at 11.15 in Session 07f: Biogeochemical processes in aquatic ecosystems.


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