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Holuhraun eruption from the plane

Sep 06, 2014 No Comments 1837 views

It is Wednesday morning. I arrive at my office at the University of Iceland after the International Carbon Conference in Reykjavík and quick visit to Oslo. In the hallway I am already going over my to do list in my mind. The first person I meet is Nicole, calling: “We are flying to the eruption! […]

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Beech Hunting in the Land of Fire

May 01, 2014 No Comments 1934 views

The best thing about working in Earth Sciences is the fieldwork, hands down. From looking at old mines in the Lake District to collecting fossil microorganisms in Trinidad, it’s exciting to get outside and actually see the system you’re studying (my answer might be different if you ask me when I’m stood on a muddy […]

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Why did we do it?! Our look into the writing of a Geochemical Perspectives article

Jul 15, 2013 No Comments 1861 views

How did it all start? When I (Fred) was first contacted to write an article for Geochemical Perspectives […] I was somewhat uncertain as to the expectations of such an article. I had just retired…

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On Field Classes

Apr 22, 2013 1 Comment 1831 views

Having just got back from a field class, I’m at a loss of what to do. The rush of returning to the office on Friday afternoon to crack out a Goldschmidt abstract, combined with the fatigue acquired from a week teaching outdoors has led to a slow start to this Saturday. While I’m waiting for […]

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On the Tarmac

Feb 12, 2013 No Comments 2056 views

On the Tarmac: a brief report of the EAG ‘Distinguished’ Lecture Tour of Eastern Europe 2012

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Chasing Ice and the power of the big screen

Feb 01, 2013 5 Comments 4379 views

Last week, a group of us from the Cohen Research Group, School of Earth and Environment, University of Leeds, went to see a new movie. This is usually not an event worth blogging about but this movie was different. We saw the documentary “Chasing Ice”, a film by acclaimed environmental photographer James Balog. If you’re […]

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Amazon, Climate Change and Geochemistry

Dec 14, 2012 No Comments 1453 views

The Amazon Basin with its 7.6 Mio km² is almost the size of Europe, and its biggest river, the Rio Amazon, supplies more than 15% of the total freshwater input to the world’s oceans. Deforestation, agriculture, mining and urbanization have…

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A perspective on writing Perspectives

Sep 20, 2012 No Comments 1473 views

Perspectives invites its authors to share their personal experience in view of their contributions to geochemistry. My experience writing the first issue of Geochemical Perspectives provided me with many moments that were fun and funny. However…

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Goldschmidt 2012, Impressions from Montréal

Jul 05, 2012 No Comments 1540 views

Having hurriedly wrapped up my poster and put my current projects on hold, I arrived in Montréal, Canada, a couple of days before the official start of the conference with the firm idea of enjoying the touristic attractions the city had to offer. Joining in with other early bird attendees we strolled through Montréal, enjoying […]

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Memories of Montréal

Jul 04, 2012 No Comments 1515 views

The 2012 Goldschmidt conference took place between the 24th and 29th June in Montréal, Quebec. Conferences are interesting beasts for all involved. For the new PhD students, this may be the first time to present their work in public, which brings a whole raft of stress-related baggage. For intermediates such as late-stage PhD students and […]

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