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EAG Early Career Science Ambassador in 250th ACS in Boston

Oct 06, 2015 No Comments 2480 views

 I had wanted to attend an ACS (American Chemical Society) meeting for many years. Thanks to the EAG Early Career Science Ambassador program I had the pleasure to be in Boston for the 250th ACS National Meeting & Exposition (16-20 August 2015), where I presented two posters at the Division of Environmental Chemistry. This event […]

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Application of Diffusion Studies to the Determination of Timescales in Geochemistry and Petrology

Oct 06, 2015 No Comments 2368 views

 With the support of a EAG student sponsorship, I was able to attend the shortcourse “Application of Diffusion Studies to the Determination of Timescales in Geochemistry and Petrology” at the Ruhr-University Bochum. The course was held right after this year’s Goldschmidt conference in Prague and brought together almost 40 students, postdocs and faculty from 11 […]

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EAG Ambassador in Woods Hole

Sep 18, 2015 No Comments 1890 views

   Thanks to the support from the European Association of Geochemistry I was able to attend the Molecular Evolution workshop which took place from the 19th to 29th of July at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, Massachusetts. Woods Hole is a very picturesque place at the extreme southwest corner of Cape Cod and […]

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Effect of permafrost thawing on trace element and carbon mobilisation

Apr 27, 2015 1 Comment 2003 views

The Lena River (Siberia) is one of the largest global rivers draining into the Arctic Ocean. The Lena River and tributaries drain a range in lithology and topography, and the large watersheds are located in a region of continuous permafrost (ground that is permanently frozen year-round) ranging from 50 to 1500 m in thickness.

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Svalbard – The northernmost everything

Mar 25, 2015 No Comments 1771 views

Here in Svalbard one can find the northernmost everything: climbing wall, post office, piano… and most importantly university – the reason I came up here.

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Networking and crystallisation sometimes come together

Feb 23, 2015 No Comments 1631 views

One of the first things I did when I started my job in the CO2-react network was to make crystallisation experiments in order to synthesize rare-earth (REE) bearing carbonates. I focused on hydroxylbastnasite (REECO3OH), a mineral of the bastnasite group (REE(CO3)(OH,F)) that is very common in carbonatite deposits and is an important source of light […]

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Midterm review in Seefeld, Austria

Jan 20, 2015 No Comments 1584 views

The third meeting of the CO2 React Network took place from the 04th to the 09th of December, 2014, in a little skiing village in Austria – Seefeld.

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The geochemistry of glass

Dec 05, 2014 No Comments 2196 views

Thanks to EAG Sponsorship, I attended last October the Plenary Days of USTV and GDR Verres (two associations for Research and Technology of Glass) in Baccarat (in the East of France). This meeting brought together private companies and universities to share new results and methods about structure and geochemistry of glass. It was a good […]

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From ice to volcanic ash: adventures of the next generation of scientists

Oct 16, 2014 No Comments 2904 views

In September 2014, 3 students benefited from the EAG Student Sponsorship Program and recount their experiences below. Joshua Blacker and Stefanie Lutz attended the International Glaciological Society conference, and Elena Maters attended the VERTIGO workshop focused on the study of volcanic ash. The International Glaciological Society British Branch (IGSBB) is an annual conference that is […]

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From the winners of the EAG Photo Contest 2014

Oct 15, 2014 No Comments 2467 views

César Menor-Salván and Olivier Pourret are the winners of the EAG Photo Contest 2014 and we have asked them tell us more about their photos and their passion… “Destructive Beauty”: winning photo of the theme “The changing world: geochemistry in action” The picture shows crystals of neoformed Epsomite (magnesium sulfate heptahydrate) in a wall of […]

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