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An EAG ambassador aims for the bullseye at the 49th LPSC

Jun 11, 2018 No Comments by 196 views

49th LPSC, 19th-23rd March 2018, The Woodlands, Texas, USA Attending my very first Lunar and Planetary Science Conference was an exciting prospect. As a planetary scientist whose background is in biology, it feels like a long and winding road that led me there. From the beginning of my PhD in astrobiology, I have felt drawn […]

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Axel Hofmann’s 2017 EAG-GS Outreach Program to Africa

Jun 08, 2018 No Comments by 170 views

As part of the 2017 EAG-GS Outreach Program to Africa I travelled to Earth Science departments in Ghana, Ethiopia, Tanzania, and Nigeria to give a 3-day short course on Early Earth Life and Mineral Systems. The course explored the relationship between surface processes, evolution of life and the formation of mineral deposits on the early […]

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EGU2018: This is where all the science happens!

Jun 05, 2018 No Comments by 262 views

The prospect of attending a large international conference during your PhD can be really daunting, especially if you’re only in your second year and in the early stages of data collection. That’s why I hadn’t planned on going to one until my 3rd year. But thanks to EAG Student Sponsorship I was able to attend […]

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2017 EAG Distinguished Lecture Program: Lenny Winkel’s tour of Central and Eastern Europe

Apr 23, 2018 No Comments by 403 views

I was honored to hear that I had been selected as the 2017 EAG Distinguished Lecturer. As I love both research and teaching I was thrilled about the opportunity to talk about emerging research areas in geochemistry to students and scientists at research institutions in Eastern and Central Europe. My research focuses on global biogeochemical […]

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Lives of the great geochemists: Fritz Houtermans

Apr 17, 2018 No Comments by 446 views

The EAG Houtermans Award for young scientists is named after him, but how many of us geochemists really know who Friedrich Georg Houtermans was and how adventurous his life was? Houtermans undertook a PhD in nuclear physics in Göttingen with James Franck in 1927, but only in 1952, when he arrived in Bern to become […]

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Working in Mineral Exploration: a guide

Mar 20, 2018 No Comments by 552 views

In the final throws of an undergraduate degree there are commonly two concerns: firstly, the cramming of knowledge to ensure the exam results guarantee the best overall grade and secondly lining up what to do afterwards. Across the applied sciences three options are commonly available: private industry, continued academia or governmental organisations, each with their […]

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An ocean of science

Mar 06, 2018 No Comments 724 views

Every two years, the American Geophysical Union, The American Association for Limnology and Oceanography and The Oceanographic Society join forces to organize the ‘Ocean Sciences Meeting’ in an effort to gather all marine scientists in a very interdisciplinary meeting. This year, OSM was held in Portland, and I, a final year PhD student of the […]

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Metal stable isotopes: a tool for improving sustainable land-use in tropical regions

Feb 20, 2018 No Comments 864 views

Metal Stable Isotope Geochemistry Workshop – Final Workshop of the ITN IsoNose I am very grateful that the EAG supported me to attend “The International Conference and final IsoNose workshop “Metal Stable Isotope Geochemistry”, which took place from January 8-11 2018 in a beautiful French abbey in Sorèze, France. The participants of this conference came […]

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All things volcanic and magmatic at VMSG 2018

Feb 15, 2018 No Comments 642 views

Volcanic and Magmatic Studies Group Conference 2018. Leeds, UK, 3-5 January 2018. During the first week of the year I travelled to Leeds, UK, where the Volcanic and Magmatic Studies Group (VMSG) 2018 conference was held from January 3rd to 5th. I am very grateful to the EAG for supporting my trip there with a […]

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Core logging course – Navan, Tara Mine Corestore

Feb 09, 2018 No Comments 727 views

Recently I have had the chance to attend a core logging course organised by IAEG (Irish Association for Economic Geology) and hosted by Boliden, Tara Mines. The course was dense and helpful and most importantly, included actual core logging. Below you can take a glimpse of how the corestore looks like from the inside. The […]

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