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Eat like a Florentine

Aug 27, 2013 No Comments 1547 views

There is no lack of science occurring during official sessions this week at the Fortezza da Bosso, but much of what we get from being at a conference is the opportunity to connect informally to other scientists during lunch, a glass of wine at the poster session, or dinner.  As one scientist put it to […]

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Things I learned today

Aug 27, 2013 No Comments 1763 views

Triple oxygen isotope compositions of dinosaur egg shells can be used to reconstruct past atmospheric carbon dioxide levels. Four different geochemical societies were incapable of finding a single woman to award any of their ten prestigious medals to. Copper and iron isotopes vary with AB0 blood types. Copper isotope values in blood are a more […]

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Goldschmidt2013 – Day 1 (Monday)

Aug 27, 2013 No Comments 1350 views

Wow! I have finally arrived at Goldschmidt 2013 and it is so, so great to be here! Day 1 was already a whirlwind. Unfortunately, I missed the icebreaker last night and arrived a bit late this morning due to scheduling conflicts so I missed a few talks, but I am here now and ready to […]

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Palaeo-proxies and trophic positions

Aug 27, 2013 No Comments 1548 views

I like it when people show how a proxy works, or how it doesn’t. Today at Goldschmidt I enjoyed several presentations doing exactly that. The day started with Johanna Noireaux showing that boron isotopes can only function as a pH proxy in aragonite, and not in calcite. Anders Meibom presented work by Nehrke et al. […]

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Views from, and of, Florence

Aug 25, 2013 No Comments 1451 views

The Florence skyline is dominated by the dome and bell-tower of the Duomo, or Santa Maria del Fiore, the large cathedral in the centre of the city. Geochemists here this week for Goldschmidt2013 will be negotiating the sometimes chaotic streets of the town, often navigating by the Duomo’s high profile as a landmark. But as […]

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Music of the spheres

Aug 25, 2013 No Comments 1254 views

I am sitting in a hot lecture theatre in the Università deli Studi, Florence, two days before the start of the proper business of Goldschmidt 2013, a meeting of thousands of geochemists from across the globe. Before discussions of the latest news and views in the geochemical world, a number of pre-conference workshops and short […]

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Tour of Florence

Aug 25, 2013 No Comments 1121 views

Welcome to Florence Goldschmidters! This is my first visit to this beautiful city and as Simon has been at a workshop on the chemical interactions in geothermal fluids, I’ve been exploring and enjoying the sights. I was joined by some friends from Leeds as we ventured past grand building after grand building trying to get […]

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Introducing the Bloggers of Goldschmidt 2013

Aug 23, 2013 2 Comments 2756 views

It isn’t long until the start of the annual V.M. Goldschmidt conference, the main international meeting for geochemists to share and discuss ideas. This year’s meeting in Florence, Italy, is set to be one of the largest yet with over 4000 abstracts submitted. The European Association of Geochemistry and the organisers of this 23rd Goldschmidt […]

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