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The critical condition of coral: awareness, and obligation of the scientific community

Aug 18, 2015 No Comments 1008 views

To say the conference has been animated over the past 27 hours would be a gross understatement. Acquisitive brains flit purposefully between the nerve centers of the hive, stopping only during brief but necessary trips via the coffee bars en route. Nearing midday yesterday we were invited to the grand auditorium at the heart of […]

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Representative Sample

Aug 18, 2015 No Comments 1149 views

Yesterday was a great start to the meeting. Oodles of excellent talks and posters. A personal highlight was a presentation in theme 5 yesterday emphasised the difference between a “representative sample” and a sample population size which is representative. The discussion that followed, both in the questions and around posters, was focussed on the significance of micro- […]

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Today’s Plenary. Coral Reefs in Trouble and Women’s Advance

Aug 17, 2015 No Comments 1196 views

Today’s plenary session was introduced by Eric Oelkers, Convenor of the 25th Goldschmidt Conference, Liane G. Benning, President of the EAG, and Hubert L. Barnes, fellow of the Geochemical Society. It was then followed by a very powerful talk by marine ecologist Peter Sale on Oceans in the Anthropocene and the “End of the High […]

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The changing face of geochemistry

Aug 17, 2015 No Comments 1109 views

We’re only a half-day into the 2015 Goldschmidt meeting, but one theme I see emerging (or, at least, I hope is emerging) is the idea that the scope of geochemistry is rapidly broadening. Eric Oelkers, the conference convener, introduced Peter Sale, today’s plenary speaker, by saying that he’s “not really a geochemist“. This was a […]

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Doodle of the Day. Health Announcement by Harald Strauss

Aug 17, 2015 No Comments 1310 views

Harald Strauss is Full Professor in Historical and Regional Geology at the Institut für Geologie und Paläontologie, Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster, Germany.  His main research interests center around the biogeochemical aspects of earth´s evolution. Thereby, the isotopic compositions of carbon and sulfur in sediments, biominerals and organic matter are utilized as proxy signals for geologically and/or […]

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Monday Machination

Aug 17, 2015 No Comments 2832 views

Good Morning Goldschmidters, I trust you all enjoyed the Ice Breaker last night. Sadly, I was too late into Prague to make it. You can read about how Nicci found her first Goldschmidt Ice Breaker here.

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A Doodle A Day…

Aug 16, 2015 No Comments 1554 views

As you are reading these lines, I am readying myself and packing my things to leave for Prague. I have been invited to participate in the Goldschmidt Conference to be their first artist in residence! What does it consist of? Well, I will be spending a whole week in a beautiful Central European capital mingling […]

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Suburban Geochemical Modelling

Aug 15, 2015 No Comments 1281 views

When I read the message “it’ll be out in the suburbs” I had images of the grim grey concrete monoliths that cluster the outskirts of the bonny Glasgow Clyde at home. I was pleasantly surprised this morning therefore when I found myself exiting the metro at I.P Pavlovna and strolling down idyllic aged cobbled side streets […]

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Goldschmidt 2015: Introducing the Bloggers (1/3)

Aug 13, 2015 3 Comments 5206 views

It’s less than a week before thousands of Geochemists descend on Prague to meet for the 25th Goldschmidt Conference. This is set to be a stellar meeting with a wide variety of social and student events, not to mention the huge number of world class oral and poster presentations through the week. In addition to […]

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Impressions from InterPore 2015

Jun 08, 2015 No Comments 1544 views

Reza Gooya, who received sponsorship from the EAG through the Student Sponsorship Program, attended the InterPore 2015 Conference for the first time and recounts his experience. The 7th international conference on porous media and its applications was held by Interpore society on 18-21 May in Padua, Italy. Interpore was founded in 2008 as a non-profit […]

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