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Lunch… and Glycerol Dialkyl Glycerol Tetraethers

Aug 24, 2015 No Comments 2009 views

The last plenary talk of the conference was given by Professor Ann Pearson of Harvard University and provided a detailed overview of recent advances in the understanding of the TEX86 proxy. I’m entirely new to this proxy, having only heard it mentioned very briefly in the past so I found the talk particularly informative. (If […]

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Words from the ghost

Aug 22, 2015 No Comments 2298 views

My role at Goldschmidt 2015 was mostly photography. With a side portion of blogging thrown in, like a salad relish afterthought. There was also the poster of course, presenting my PhD hydrothermal experiment work. Poster sessions make me nervous. In fact, most social events make me nervous. I’m a nervous kind of creature. A flavour […]

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Remember the hydrosphere!

Aug 21, 2015 No Comments 1805 views

Barbara Sherwood Lollar from the University of Toronto, Canada gave the plenary session this Wednesday on “Dark Energy from the Deep Hydrosphere: Water-Rock Reactions Sustaining Deep Subsurface Microbiology. This was actually quite a different set of water-rock reactions than what I focus on, thus ever-confirming the wide range of topics that geochemistry encompasses. I really […]

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A damp Moon?

Aug 21, 2015 No Comments 8219 views

For almost 50 years the Moon was considered dry. Then in 2008 Alberto Saal and colleagues published a paper detailing the discovery of water in lunar fire fountain glasses. These findings (& a study by MCubbin et al 2007) initiated a community-wide reincarnation of lunar volatiles research.Later work would advocate in one extreme a lunar […]

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Yesterday’s Plenary. Follow the Water

Aug 20, 2015 No Comments 1824 views

Barbara Sherwood Lollar is a University Professor in Earth Sciences at the University of Toronto and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry. Barbara’s pioneering research on the geochemistry of deep crustal fluids has focused on fracture fluids 1-3 km deep in Precambrian Shield rocks across Canada, Fennoscandian and South Africa. She gave a […]

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A Doodle A Day. Hg in Meteorites & the End of the Dinosaurs

Aug 20, 2015 No Comments 1907 views

Matthias M.M. Meier is a young cosmochemist / meteoriticist currently working as a Swiss National Science Foundation Ambizione Fellow at ETH Zurich. His research interests are very wide in scope and include the analysis of noble gases in extraterrestrial materials (He, Ne), the Giant Impact and Hg in meteorites. His current project focuses on the […]

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Thoughts from a First-Time Attendee

Aug 20, 2015 No Comments 1548 views

When I first arrived bright-eyed (well actually super sleepy) early Monday morning, I still had no idea exactly what this week would be like. That first day all seems like one strange chaotic dream as I was trying to grasp the “conference” routine and ended up just wandering quite aimlessly around for the better part […]

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How comet impacts may have formed the building blocks of early life

Aug 19, 2015 No Comments 2209 views

Proteins form the machinery of life: they catalyze the chemical reactions that allow organisms to gain energy and reproduce. A study presented at the 2015 Goldschmidt conference shows how oligopeptides, the precusors of proteins, might have been formed when comets impacted the Earth nearly 4 billion years ago. Comets are believed to contain substantial quantities […]

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What do Roman plumbing and Gondwana crust have in common?!

Aug 19, 2015 No Comments 1621 views

Janne Blichert-Toft’s plenary talk Tuesday lunchtime gave us an overview of what could be achieved with Pb isotopes with what she termed “Neo -plumbotectonics”. In her 45 minute talk she took us from Gondwana lower crust to Roman plumbing. Janne and her team have created a Pb isotope database for Europe which led to the […]

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Martian meteorites old and new

Aug 19, 2015 No Comments 2556 views

Tuesday afternoon saw the Mars community come together for some reminiscing and new findings! The keynote talk by Allan Treiman was a fantastic “greyhead review” of past and more recent advancements in Martian geochemistry research, especially for those needing a refresher in Martian meteorite history and mission chronology! For instance I was surprised to learn […]

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